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If you like low quality, messy, imperfect and emotional demos this one's for you


released August 7, 2015

Drew: Drums
Sergio: Guitar/vocals
Andrew: Guitar/vocals
Nathan: Bass guitar



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South Side Flea Market Indiana

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Track Name: Born to Golf
You are a trend, first it was one but it multiplied to ten, like an infection it's got me on my knees, begging and pleading for you to see, that I'm not the one hurting me. I just can't seem to see why you're here bothering me, you should probably talk to someone else, someone who has a better sense of self, I'm a disappointment to you but that's a load off my shoulders.
Born to golf.
Track Name: Likeness of a Goth
Take my chains broke and decayed a place to hide and swallow my shame a place to hide my pain away. I'm replaced by everything we've ever had. I don't want their hands in my hands

Keep that off the coffee table that's family property and the hyenas wont bid if they see a single scratch I love a good rough lobotomy, especially when it ends with a broken patch cable and stolen goods. Make it airtight. No leaks will be tolerated.
Track Name: Fly
I was in the front seat when we crashed down to the ground and I remember seeing your face all around but it was a while ago, just an excuse to go, just a lonely home, so if you could please stop looking at me with that stare, your dead eyes have broken all your ties. He's asking me what punishment I think is fair and the only thing that's on my mind is the chair, so if you could please get out of my mind, it's been such a long time and I see your face whenever I close my eyes. I pushed back but pushed out the back door one more time, one last time.