Short Stories

by South Side Flea Market

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released December 27, 2016

South Side Flea Market is:

Sergio Rodriguez: Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Dirck: Bass Guitar
Drew Hampton: Drums
Andrew Sabatowski: Lead Guitar/Vocals/Keyboard

Recorded and produced by South Side Flea Market.



all rights reserved


South Side Flea Market Indiana

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Track Name: Lamplight
A lamb of light climbs in a hole covered with washing eyes, to share the pain and burden I sometimes cannot fight. These galloping hooves they come in waves to shake me up and down, These bleeding hooves they come in waves to shape me once again.

Black sheep,
tie a knot.

A lantern in the sky grows further and further falls. My struggles in vines draped on the walls. My struggles entwined like bricks on a wall. Some days I'm living but some I'm barely breathing out.

Hanging in there.
I'm hanging in there.

Tie a knot.

Lonely nights are sleepless knights.
How many sleepless knights to count this time.
She keeps her head eye level.
She fears what's above and already knows what's below.
Track Name: Indigo Kid
Alight, a fermented unspoken fight.
Smashed mirrors highlight
the dark and purple hues
on our hands,
smashed and bruised.
A symphony of slammed doors and broken wings.
That thorn in your side,
subtle at first.
Your broken trust.

The dark will cave into blind light. Shrunken by what's within it. Changed by what's inside. A telescope of ivory wrapped around a nightmarish dream.

We can be afraid to be hurt by the ones we love and love the ones that hurt us, but the dark clouds we leave need to be taken down. One by one we will break these chains, one by one we will break these chains. Brick by brick, hand in hand. A lover's curse deep in my bones. A lover's curse is dealt with or sown. A lover's curse is..

This is not how it ends.
Even in rain your words can fly.
We are beautifully made.
We were beautifully made.
With love and grace make a new day.

This language is spoken, this language is dead.
It leads to another burned down homestead.
Shot in the alley, that's better instead.
Look what's been created.


You've been at this for too long.
A life time of wanting.
Track Name: Fable
Blood plastered in your walls.

Pain seems to follow him around.

Romulus broke your walls, Romulus could've pressed his luck but she was a different breed, a parasite of light.

She lost her way.
But she found a way out.
She made it back.

Little miss Jane Doe pressed her luck, the knives she stole were covered in blood,

She lost her way.
But she found a way out.
She made it her way back.

Your hands and my hands the same in the mud.

Here they come,
ready or not.
Covered in knives.

A Wolf and a Mouse and a Fire broke out of the blood,
of the lives we once lived; oh, we were covered. oh, we were covered in it.

Covered in knives.

A Wolf and a Mouse and a Fire broke out of the blood, of the lives that we were covered in. The sun and the sky aren't enough to hold us down, us down, us down.

And with trumpet sound, our walls fall down. Hearts in our hands, hands to the sky, We will escape from this place, again.
Track Name: Macabre
I can't tell you what it feels like.
A sea of black and white,
trickling down my throat.
Dissecting it all.
I'm drowning in ice,
breathing in flames,
look like a dark kiss I said stay away.

your mouth.

She ran away from not being good enough.

I've seen the ending and I can add some color to the cracks, it's not easy; you never said it was. I'm scared to look in that reflective center piece. I feel like an open wound and I'm already bending.

She ran away from not being good enough.

Change the ending, change your ending.

A ship made new plank by plank. Slowly dying, slowly being reborn.

Listen to what you left behind and let it go.